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Emancipation proclamation

             The whole thing started because of the Republican Party who wanted to keep the slavery states safe and the radical republicans that wanted to free the slave states. In 1861 at fort Monroe the head person who was against slavery, Benjamin Butler, allowed the slaves that came to him for help after running away would be free instead of giving them back to their owners. The president didn't like that and wanted to reprimand him for being unconstitutional, but the cabinet decided not to. Later the general of the union in St. Louis, john Fremont, made an announcement stating that all slaves held by the confederate in the state of Missouri can be free. Again Lincoln didn't like this at all and told the general to change what he had said. The general did not change it and then was taken from the army with Lincoln's orders. After that Lincoln wrote to Fremont asking if something could by done by proclamation. He was dismissed and a new general came in to play, Henry Halleck. He stated then that all the slaves that ran away would not be considered free. Many people were then upset with Lincoln and the decisions that he was making. In 1862 another guy started to enlist black soldiers. His name, David hunter, he claimed that on his area blacks were free. Again the president was mad. After this event stories were written that the president was not making slavery the major issue like he should. In responding to this he (pres.) stated that he want the union together whether in had slavery or not. With this all happening he changed his mind to thinking that he should emancipate the slaves. He started writing the first draft. He then went to the cabinet and most agreed to the plan but they thought that if they were going to do this that they needed to win a big victory before they brought this idea to the army. On September 17th the victory was brought. Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation on January 1st 1863.

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