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Analysis of the poem Seafarer

             1) The seafarer is a melancholic poem, which shows two opposite sides.
             On a side we have an old sailor who tells the hardships to be faced on the sea. He gives warnings to the youth. The old sailor represents the sea; he says that the sea is a place of isolation and insecurity. He shows his melancholy, his homesickness.
             On the other hand we have the youth that represents the enthusiasm for new adventure, it wants to know new countries. It doesn't wish to stay on land, because for it the land only brings death, nor life, life for it is voyage through the sea. .
             2) To what aspects of Anglo-Saxon life do the following phrases refers:.
             "The mirth of the mead hall."(Line 23).
             In this sentence is described the feasts that happened on the mead hall when the warriors didn't fight. .
             " so dear to his lord."(Line 41).
             In this phrase is described the relationship between the king and his warriors. The relationship was father to son.
             " harping he needs not."(Line 44) .
             In this sentence is showed that the warriors sang and played in feasts when didn't fight.
             3) What different seasons of the year are described? Relate the contrast between the seasons to the conflict of opinion between the old sailor and the young man. Could these conflicts be within the mind of a single person? Discuss. .
             -We have two seasons being described: winter and summer.
             -The winter represents the feelings of the old sailor, that are, loneliness, exile, sadness, insecurity; while the summer represents the feelings of young man, that are, desire for adventure, escape of land, desire to know new countries, hope.
             -These conflicts could be and they are in many people. Many people suffer with these kinds of feelings. The feelings of the old sailor are common of old age: insecurity, fear of death, loneliness; they are within the mind of an old man. The feelings of the youth are present within the mind of an young man.

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