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Early American Colonial Development

            The early English colonies can be broken in to three separate regions. Although these areas consist of more than one colony, each region can be represented by a single colony. Massachusetts was located in the north eastern most region called New England. Pennsylvania was part of the middle colonies and Virginia was the first of the southern colonies. Each of these areas had both similar and contrasting attributes. In example, New England and the middle colonies had certain economical similarities the south were set up completely different. Comparisons can also be made for politics, religion, and social development. In addition to affecting eachother the early development of America before 1760 has influenced our society today.
             Massachusetts is situated north east of most of the colonies and has ports right on the Atlantic Ocean. The colony's geographical location allows Massachusetts to rely heavily on trade. One of the most important port cities was Boston which practiced a triangular trade route throughout the city's early development. Massachusetts and the rest of the New England colonies produced raw materials but needed England to send them manufactured goods. Instead of trading directly with mother England however, the New England colonies sent fish and lumber to the West Indies. The West Indies then sent sugar and molasses to England where they were needed; then manufactured goods were sent to the north eastern colonies. Massachusetts did not rely heavily on slaves in their economy and they did not have a plantation system. However, the New England colonies did utilize a slave trade similar to the triangular trade with England so that they could acquire sugar and molasses. Massachusetts had a solid economy; their dependency on foreign traders eventually would prove to be a complicated situation. .
             Massachusett's bay colony's political and religious development closely relate because Massachusetts was a theocracy.

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