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Daumier Presentation

             I am Honoré Daumier, the caricaturist, painter, sculptor. Let me tell you a little about myself when I was young. I received a typical lower middle-class education. But, I was never interested in studying in the first place. I always wanted to draw. Because of my interest in drawing; my family placed me with the fairly well-known artist, Alexandre Lenoir.
             I am not uncultured, and I did not teach myself as did most of the art historians of the late 19th and early 20th century. I benefited from a more interesting artistic education than many other artists. .
             When I was only 13 years of age, my father's breakdown forced me to work. I decided to give up all this to become a artist in the between the years 1825 to 1828. I was only about 18 years of age back then. I came from a family of painters and I had learned to analyze sculpture, and also I was able to view how different classes of the society behaved. .
             I could not only live from painting or from sculpting as I was planning on doing. So, I accepted commissions from popular magazines for portraits, cartoons, and caricatures. Even though, only some of my pieces were signed, many others were not. .
             My life was devoted entirely to my work. From 1830-1847 I was a lithographer, cartoonist, and sculptor. About four thousand of my lithographs were contributed to various political and social newspapers, and also many magazines. Also, from 1848-1871 I began painting Impressionist paintings. My art reflected in the lithographs I was still constructing. .
             I began painting in Impressionism, which is when faces and bodies become one with the surrounding environment. I painted about something that interested me. I would paint on everyday life, but sometimes I also painted on historical subjects.
             I painted the Revolutionary leader "Camille Desmoulins-, inspiring the crowd in 1789. Some of my images were insulting to King Louis-Phillipe. He got me arrested in 1832, and I was in jail for two years.

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