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The Cask of Amontillado

            At the Heart of Vengeance Story characters come to life through the characteristics that the author give them. In the story (The Cask of Amontillado), by Edgar Allen Poe, the main character, Monstresor, is furious with the thought of revenge. Monstresor is the victim of countless insults from the character Fortunato. Monstresor is a proud man and can take no more; he must have his revenge. Three ways to describe Monstresor are, being mentally unstable, intelligent, and last but not least extremely patient.
             The first way to describe Monstresor is being mentally unstable. It is very easy to see how Monstresor is considered to be mentally unstable. First off he wants to kill Fortunato. And for what? The story tells the reader that Fortunato insults Monstresor and injures him a thousand times. What the reader has to remember is that Monstresor is the one saying this so he is probably exaggerating. Most normal people are able to cope with insults, but Monstresor feels it is time to put a stop to Fortunato's arrogance. Monstresor chooses to get rid of Fortunato by bricking him up alive deep within Monstresor's family catacombs. This is more evidence that Monstresor is mentally unstable. .
             Another way to describe Monstresor would be to call him intelligent. Monstresor knows that Fortunato considers himself a connoisseur of fine wine. The intelligent Monstresor uses Fortunato's ego to his advantage and tells Fortunato that he has a pipe, or cask, of Amontillado. Of course, Fortunato wants a taste of this rare wine. Monstresor knows that the damp and musky catacombs wear away the strength of a man in Fortunato's condition, more evidence that shows Monstresor's intelligence. Monstresor tells Fortunato that the Amontillado is deep in his catacombs. Monstresor is smart and appeals to Fortunato's vanity and leads him right to the trap Monstresor has set. .
             Another way to describe Monstresor is to call him patient.

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