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City Living is the life for me

             "City Living is the Life for Me".
             Oh how traffic jams caused by bad drivers and an overpopulation of an area can wreck ones day! The pollution of our cities is also caused by the number of vehicles driven. Aside from the masses of people, traffic, and other aggravating factors, city life is wonderful. Most people enjoy living in cities because there are numerous things to do. Big cities offer movie theaters, restaurants, live entertainment and so many other options. Big cities also offer career opportunities, public transportation, and residential areas. When one gets bored at home there are many possibilities for entertainment, and one does not have to go far when seeking these opportunities.
             Rural areas make getting to places very difficult. Whereas in a city everything is centrally located. It is very convenient to drive to a fast food restaurant or to a restaurant when hungry. There are many gas stations to choose from as well as stores. Hospitals seem to be right around every corner which is very important in the event of an emergency. For instance, my grandparents live in a rural part of Georgia and when they need to go to the doctor it takes two hours to get there. There are more churches and social organizations for ones choosing. There .
             are also many health clubs, beauty salons and shopping malls. All of these allow people to feel like part of something. People do not feel as isolated as they would if they were living a small town. .
             It is very important to grow up in an environment where there are people of many different races, beliefs, and values than ones own. It is important because a child can grow up knowing that being different is okay. The city makes this possible because individuals of .
             different races, religions and beliefs live together. In a small town, people are usually of the same religion, race, and beliefs. This can lead to closed mindedness and even harmful beliefs like racism.

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