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"The Effects of Residential Schooling (Industrializing) on t

             "The Effects of Residential Schooling (Industrializing) on the Aboriginal People's rooting from the aspect of colonization and western religion at its helm. The residential school system acted as a method to reshape the future of the Aboriginal culture. " .
             Since the earliest contact between Canada's Aboriginal people and European settlers there has been conflicting values concerning family relationships and child-rearing practices. The colonists under European control agreed it would benefit all if Aboriginal people conformed to their values and beliefs. The Missionaries were the first to attempt to change Aboriginal population with an emphasis on Christianity. Christianity was the first wave of abuse in store for Aboriginal people. Aboriginal freedom was not to last as the pre-confederation government, the government of the now established Canada and religious advocators of Christianity, and other religions, were about to make Aboriginal people their problem. "In the first few decades of the new Canadian Nation, when the government turned to address the constitutional responsibility for Indians and lands assigned by the Constitution Act of 1867, it adopted a policy of assimilation." The assimilation policy through the schools was to be beneficial but ended up effecting all Aboriginal peoples and has tarnished future generations. "A policy designed to move communities, and eventually all Aboriginal's from their helpless "savage" state to one self-reliant "civilization" and thus to make in Canada but one community - a non-Aboriginal, Christian one." There was no better way to promote assimilation then European education, which became the backbone of the policy to ensure it. The Davin report, in which Nicholas Flood Davin performed a report on industrial schools in the United States to establish the same type of the school systems in Canada, started the ball rolling, in many senses, for establishing Canada's Residential School System.

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