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Partial Argument

            Professor X is an outstanding teacher because he generously spends so much time outside of class counseling students with personal problems.
             What distinguishes Professor X out is that he is always ready to counsel students outside class with our personal problems. In university, we have a large class consists of more than 60 people. It is very hard for the teachers to take care of every student as for their own academic problems and life problems. Without right guidance, the students may feel quite confused in their pursuits of higher knowledge. The common case is that they pretend to understand the lectures or the texts while actually they have no idea about them. Professor X provides us with a way to counsel with our own personal problems outside class. We may either ask him about some confusing points on the book that we are not clear about or inquire of him the right design of our future plans. By doing so, we obtain specific guidance and advice that is pertinent to our own conditions and problems. This not only facilitates our academic studies but also boost our confidence in university life. Furthermore, Professor X does all these using his own time outside class which will not disturb at all the regular order of class education but instead stimulate us to learn better and more effectively. We all like Professor X. We find by him the shining points of life-long dedication. He devoted all his time to the professional of teaching and his students. He is by this an outstanding teacher.

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