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The Tempest

            In the book The Tempest there are several themes but the one I would like to concentrate on are savagery and civilization. The definition I found on savagery is fierce, cruel, wild primitive/member of a primitive tribe, cruel or barbarous person. On the other hand the definition of civilization that I found was the opposite it is an advanced stage or system of social development, a people nation are regarded as an element of social evolution. There are three characters I choose to talk about and they are Antonio, Alonso and Gonzalo.Antonio is considered a savage. While on the other hand Gonzalo and Alonso are considered civilized people. Basically savagery and civilization is explored throughout The Tempest.
             Antonio is the one that who plotted against his brother, Prospero, in order to take over the title of Duke of Algiers. He is arrogant, selfish, a savage and has little regard for anyone but himself. His lack of remorse in betraying his brother demonstrates her cold-hearted nature. A quote that would support on what I have just said about Antonio is when he said, "Although this lord of weak rememberance, this, who shall be of as little memory when he is earth"d, hath here almost persuaded .for he's a spirit of persuasion, only professes to persuade, .the king his's son alive." This shows us that if Gonzalo is killed then Antonio would not care. He says that Gonzalo would not be remembered. This reveals Antonio's mind is set to savage.
             Gonzalo is a civilized old courtier who, tweleve years ago saved the lives of Prospero and Miranda from the villainy of Antonio. He gave them food, supplies and Prospero's books when their boat was set adrift by Antonio and Alonso.He is very wise, perceptive, thoughtful by nature, and amusing in his subtle humor. A quote that would support on what I have just said about Gonzalo is when he said, "Now would I give a thousand furlong of sea for an acre of barren ground, ling, heath, broom, furze, anything.

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