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Moon landing

            Their has been a big debate over the question "Was the moon landing a hoax?" Many skeptics have found "proof" that the moon landing never happened, but I have found reasons to back up all of the claims. I believe the moon landing has happened, and there is a great deal of proof to show it has happened.
             The first reason why people believe we didn't go to the moon was in a picture, you can see more then one light source, even though the sun is the only one. The reflection of the shadows are not in proportion. The explanation for that is that the moon is not flat, and the height of them are also very different. One astronaut was on a hill, so it appeared his shadow was bigger.
             The second claim people have made was that their were no stars in any of the pictures. The reason for that, was the stars were to dim to be on camera. The stars were exposed for the daylight lit lunar scenes. In one picture that included a rock, you can clearly see the letter "C" on one of the rocks and on the ground. An explanation for that was that their was a hair on the picture while copying it. In the original picture, their was no hair on the rock.
             A third claim people have found in some of the pictures is that some of the objects cover the crosshair. If a picture has not been altered, the cross hair should be on top of the object. There is a simple explanation. In every picture with the abnormal crosshair, the object is white. The white color can cause the object to cover up the crosshair. Many people have also asked why the flag was fluttering on the moon, even though their was no atmosphere. The explanation for that is that the astronauts were moving it while trying to put it in the ground. In every picture, one of the astronauts was touching the flag when it was moving.
             If you watch the movie of the astronauts walking on the moon, if you speed up the video, it clearly looks like they were jumping.

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