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Lincoln and Davis

            Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both presidents of the United States and made many positive historical contributions. Although they were on opposites sides of the Civil War, both men had strong feelings for the protection of their land. While Abraham Lincoln steered the Union, Jefferson Davis struggled to lead the Confederate Army. Both presidents faced a lot of pressure due to the fact of defending of these regions. During the Civil War they remained close to the War Department. On the other hand they played different roles with Congress, differed in opinions on slavery, and had personalities that were unalike. The major difference was personality.
             Lincoln had a strong opposition to Congress. His presidential record is noted for dictatorial use of power and the deliberate disregard for the Constitution. On several occasions Lincoln ignored the orders of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He made the most through violations of the Constitution in the nation's history. As a result he increased the size of the army, spent money, and suspended the writ of habeas corpus all without the authority of Congress. He generally acted as though the other two branches of government did not exist. Lincoln even threw out the Constitution and retained popular appeal of the masses. .
             Lincoln being a native of Kentucky a slave state had the opportunity to determine whether slavery should be upheld or abolished while he was president. Lincoln did want the extension of slavery in the territories. His views of how the United States should abolish slavery differed from that of Jefferson Davis. Lincoln's views on slavery are attributed to his childhood and family experiences. There are two factors that are part of why Lincoln had anti-slavery thoughts and feelings. Lincoln and his family were very religious. They were of the Separate Baptist faith and opposed slavery. He was exposed to the ill feelings toward slavery in the early 1800s.

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