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The Case for Faith Chapter 5

             Zacharias said: "The clear implications of Jesus saying he's the way, the truth, and the life are that, first, truth is absolute, and, second, truth is knowable." Do you believe those two assertions about truth? Why or why not?.
             Truth is a funny thing, if you were to ask 100 people their definition of truth, almost all of their answers would be totally different. Truth really depends on the person's beliefs for themselves and what they believe is right for others. Some might say well there are no truths, but in a sense what they are saying is the only truth is that there are no truths. One generality that we can all say is that truth is an absolute, because if it isn't, that makes the only truth be there isn't any truths, but there would be a truth because the truth would be that there are no truths (If you don't understand what I just wrote, read it again slowly). So yes, truth is an absolute no matter what. .
             How can we know truth is knowable? This question was answered by Ravi Zacharias when he said, "The blind man may tell you it's a tree, but he's wrong. It is not a tree or a rope or a fan. The seeing man knows this is an elephant. He knows the truth; his sight has revealed it to him. And Jesus Christ has made it clear that the eternal truths of God may be known. Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of the gospel-- in him, all of truth came together. So while there may be aspects of truth elsewhere, the sum total of truth is in Christ." We know truth is real because he have seen the truth and the truth has made us free (John 8:32). Truth is knowable through Jesus Christ coming down and dying for our sins then resurrecting three days later.
             How well do you believe Christianity deals with the four fundamental issues of life: Origin, meaning, morality, and destiny? Does the Bible's teachings on those topics correspond to your experience?.
             On Origin: God created us in his image, yet we are special creatures, that have control over all other creatures of this world.

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