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A Worn Path

             Eudora Welty was born to a "Yankee" father and a mother on April 13, 1909 in Jackson, Mississippi. At the age of 27, she started her writing career and published many short stories. One of her most well-known short stories is "A Worn Path," which she wrote in 1940. Many factors of Eudora's life on the Natchez influenced this story, such as the story's setting and her choosing her character's name. .
             The setting of "A Worn Path" began in rural southern Mississippi along the Natchez Trail. Eudora included the Natchez Trail in many of her stories during her life in Mississippi. Author Benfey Christopher in "The Local and Unlocal Art of Eudora Welty. A Sense of Place" states that Eudora "likes well-traveled roads." Benfey also quotes Eudora on well-worn paths, ". . . they are suggestive analog of the storyteller's procedures, which are always twice told: to go where everyone has gone before" (Benfey par 16). Those words by Welty show us that she enjoys writing about things that she has witnessed other people going through. .
             It is also interesting to point out that Eudora gave Phoenix Jackson the same last name as Eudora's hometown. The Gale Group states that the majority of Eudora's stories take place "within a time spectrum of over a century, on or near the Natchez Trace." They also stated "These stories are mostly about country people, and whatever the setting, Eudora Welty has been accurate in her depiction of social structures that go with place and time" ("Eudora Alice Welty" par. 10). Eudora has studied the vast landscape of Mississippi to the point that she transforms the land's life into her stories. The advantage of being a native of Mississippi has helped Eudora set the setting of "A Worn Path.".
             As a person reads "A Worn Path," it can't go un-noticed that Phoenix Jackson is a unique name. According to Benfey, when Eudora was a little girl, she was an avid reader of Dickens and mythology (Benfey par.

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