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Huck Finn

            The central character of any novel is in the spotlight as the plot unravels, influences and changes him. In Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the title alone one surmises Huck is the central character. This can be readily proved.
             The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn relates Huck's journey on the Mississippi River and his endurance. Faced with unforeseen dangers such as the raft being hit by a steamboat and the possibility of Huck and Jim's true identities being discovered numerous times, Huck remains strong. These incidents give him strength to face whatever lies ahead. Huck's strength demonstrates that he is a moral model. A moral model is a character who can be looked at as the hero who sets a sound moral example.
             Both Huck and Jim weather the adversarial conditions. Huck realizes he must help Jim even if it means going to hell. Jim is merely a supporting character who influences Huck into getting to know himself. In doing so, Huck realizes that he will not adhere to society's feelings toward blacks. Through the character of Jim, Huck examines his feelings and realizes society's prejudices are wrong. Huck's suspicions are confirmed when he discovers that Tom knew Jim was free and was risking Jim's life for his own enjoyment. This is the key to Huck's recognition that blacks are human beings whose lives are not to be toyed with like property. With this new knowledge, Huck decides to divorce society's morals and find his own.
             Throughout Huck's journey, there are many characters who cross Huck's path. Miss Watson is included in the novel to show Huck an average example of a society woman. Miss Watson's influence contributes to Huck's decision to depart from society at the end of the novel. Other characters that influence Huck are the King and the Duke. The King and the Duke represent the type of person Huck is in danger of becoming. The King and the Duke, con-men, are very good at telling lies and creating stories.

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