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Standing at Babylons door

             For years, movie writers and novelists alike have scared the world time and time again with the chilling tales of nuclear war. For example, Alas Babylon, the story of a small town in Florida that has to deal with the aftermath of total nuclear war and its inherent fallout. For years, U.S. Strategic Command's minutemen have set at the ready to unleash, at the push of a button, the total destruction of Americas enemies and the inevitable end the world. But, even with this threat fading into history with the fall of the once grand Soviet Union, this book looks back at what then, could have been, and now what once might have been. Now the next few chapters were very well written due to the fact that as stated before knowing the exact consequences to war are impossible, the writer tells of mass hysteria, destruction, panic, and the launch of missiles by every major country including the China, but the book does have one flaw in its attempt to stay as close to possible realistic outcome, when Pat Frank was writing this novel talk of the star wars project was being passed around American fiction novels and he incorporates this into his book as the United Nations only recourse to try and prevent war. But then the mushroom clouds began to rise, and the scene of the novel was set.
             "Our force structure needs to be robust, flexible, and credible enough to meet the worst threats we can reasonably postulate." Was the opening remark of the "presidents" speech at the beginning of Alas Babylon and this set into motion the unstoppable count down that led up to nuclear war, and the irradiation of three quarters of the worlds population. Much as in J.F. Kennedy's under lying sentiments in his speech on Russia's .
             Gibson II.
             nuclear stance around the world in the first week in October 1962 could have been the catalyst to have changed the out come of the Cuban missile crisis, the above quote was what set Russia to end the diplomatic stale mate and launch against the united sates and we to retaliate in the same.

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