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Hinduism is a way of life, whose purpose is to find and to b

            Hinduism is a way of life, whose purpose is to find and to benefit from the link between humans and the divine. .
             Meaning of existence:.
             Hinduism's response to meaning in life, which is described in the Upanishads, emerged in response to a growing Indian cities, where people began to seek refuge. This prompted the creation of an ultimate goal: to overcome all limitations of the earth by realizing the divinity within. According to Hinduism, Brahman is the transcendent creator of everything. Because Brahman is a part of everything, everything is an expression of the divine and is eternal. More than a Hindu's material self (body, mind, thoughts and feelings) which is part of the universe, at the inner core of every living thing is an atman, people's transcendent and true self. True, permanent happiness can only be achieved through self-denial of the false happiness on earth (Maya), awareness of atman and the discovery of its true relationship with Brahman. .
             Constant reincarnation (Samara) into the universe, of the atman allows the journey to be undertaken. Samsara occurs because of our lack of knowledge of atman, leading to desire look for fulfilment around us, in the universe- something which is impossible due to constant change. According to the doctrine of Karma: every situation we face in life is due to the result of our past aspirations and actions; every action will bear fruit, if not now then in the future lives. Your reincarnation, as anything on earth, will be based on the balance sheet of your karma. Hinduism defines a set of human milestones, or good karma, that if achieved could eventually lead to life's purpose, through moksha. The Purusharthas: .
             1. Kama - Removal of desires.
             2. Artha - Wealth and health by righteous means.
             3. Dharma - Striving for righteousness and virtue.
             Moksha is the fourth and ultimate goal, taken up only by few, which occurs only once there are no unfulfilled desires: karma is exhausted.

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