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             "In Lives of Jesus: Hidden Jesus", Jesus is displayed as both an ascetic and a spiritual master. His hidden wisdom attracted, and continued to attract individuals who were seeking an alternative to materialism. Mark Tully brings to light lost traditions about Jesus. Mark Tully visits the oldest Christian monastery in the world and notes how the St. Anthony monks are replicating the simple life that Jesus lived. Mr. Tully uncovers an astonishing library of Christian writings - texts so dangerous that they were suppressed. Also in "The Lives Of Jesus", Mark Tully explores the words of Jesus as reported in the gospels. He talks to Biblical scholars about their attempts to reconstruct original messages.
             In the second movie "Lives of Jesus: Jesus the Rebel", Mark Tully examines the economic and political climate which led Jesus to champion the poor and oppressed Filmed in the Holy Land, Rome and Ravenna, this program examines new evidence about the economic and social background to Jesus's mission. Mr.Tully explores why he was such a threat to the mighty Roman Empire , and why his message of hope and liberation inspired worship after his death.
             Extra Information from "Lives of Jesus: Jesus the Rebel.
             Jesus comes from a tiny Galilean village of some 200 people, Nazareth, yet near to a large Roman rule city which Jesus never mentions. This is also the city of Herod Antipas, whom Jesus regards with total contempt, calling him a fox. Jesus' own father is a peasant carpenter, which means he owns even less than a peasant farmer. At least a farmer can provide subsistence, yet these feared losing their land. Jesus thus is committed, from his background and upbringing, to the destitute. The Lord's Prayer says, "Give us this day our daily bread," which reflects the struggle of finding food on the given day: not tomorrow but this day. Jesus' contribution is to heal, as indeed do others who follow him, for example after his death the disciples go on healing.

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