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             "Paradise" is about a man called Neville Ewan. He is an English writer and he is working on a guidebook. He goes to Nepal to find out if some of the villages are worth visiting as a tourist. The villagers have been very friendly towards him and he likes the place very much, but he feels that he has to lie and tells them that he is a tourist. Because of that they take him on a tour in another village. Neville finds the village where the people live in peace. Neville decides not to recommend this whole place in his guidebook, because he thinks that it will destroy its quietness and peace if the village was crowded with tourists. .
             At last Neville tells everybody his secret about who he is and tells the natives that he will not recommend their village. People get very angry and think that Neville is selfish. They think that it would be good to have more tourists because it could help their economy. For them the village is full of poverty, hunger and unhappiness. The whole village is against him and they make him sign a paper, where it says that he promises them to recommend the village in his guidebook. .
             B: An Essay.
             In this assay I would like to talk about Neville and his view about the western world, the village and the villagers" point of view and the theme of the story. .
             The meeting between different cultures is always interesting. It can be very educational, but there is always the risk of terrible misunderstanding. The differences between life in the east and life in the west is so great that it can be extremely difficult to understand the needs and wishes of the people of the other culture. This is also the case in the short story "Paradise".
             The title, "Paradise", actually gives a great picture of the differences of the culture. Paradise is something you define for yourself, and it is not the same for all. What paradise is for one can be the opposite for another.

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