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Introduction to Geography

            Regardless of how large or small, all aspects of human activity have affected and will continually until the end of time affect the land we live on. Ever since, the first human set foot on this planet, s/he has altered the face of the Earth forever. S/he has been using and at times abusing the Earth's natural resources, contributing to the unnoticeable slow degrading of the Earth's ecosystems. This became seeming true and magnified in magnitude when the Industrial Revolution dawned upon us, as there was suddenly a rapid growth and explosion in the industrial and population sector. What was once a small ecological problem has now become a dangerous threat with the help of modern day industries and enterprises, through ranching, urbanization, agriculture, and forestry. From then on, human population has always been a contributing factor to the degradation of the environment in many different ways.
             Land transformation has always played the most significant role of human domination of the Earth's ecosystems. Wherever we go, we always leave a trace of noticeable human activity or an "ecological footprint". We have clear-cut complete forests, without second thought and have built cities with thousands of houses and buildings in their place. We have built farms and pastures for the agricultural purposes of growing crops and raising livestock on, as well as the over usage of natural resources in order to support our modern-day style and standard of living. This not only affects organisms in the ecosystem; but becomes a problem for humans in the long run, eventually resulting in an ecosystem breakdown. Lands are being devastated continuously, forcing different plant and animal species to promptly adapt to their new surroundings and environments or to become a statistic for extinct species and contribute to the loss of biological diversity. .
             The alteration of the Earth's land is without a doubt increasing abruptly and the only solution may lie in slowing down human population growth, in order to hinder the damage that is being done.

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