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            It was a typical day in Collinsville. The simple town's buildings stood in perfect harmony. Each two story, white house came equipped with a red roof and yellow door, very similar to its neighbouring houses; a classic small town setting. The sidewalks were engrossed by vibrant green grass, with perfectly maintained white picket fences, separating the luscious green grass from the humble backyards. .
             The tranquil and harmonious setting was disturbed by the feint whistling of a young boy, strolling aimlessly down the main street; Collins Road. His eyes were transfixed on the most desirable sixteen-year-old girl in all of Collinsville. Kate's flawless dark hair flowed down her rigid cheeks, and kicked out symmetrically on either of her perfectly postured shoulders. Her rich sweet lips were the envy of every woman in town.
             To Sam's recollection it had been exactly eighty-four days since Kate had spoken to him suggesting that his "red trousers were different." Since that day Sam had been accumulating the courage to ask her out. As he approached her, he repeated silently, what he intended to say to her. She turned and gave him her consistently amazing smile. The butterflies in Sam's stomach, pushed his words out much too fast: "Would you li.ke to get a milkshake at the Milk bar some time?" Kate stared into his eyes for a minute or two, neither of them blinking, "Nope." As the word rolled off her tongue, Sam's smile transformed into a plastic grin. "I"m lactose intolerant." Sam turned and trudged away, his heart had been ripped from his chest like that of a strong and admirable football player ripping the ball off a fellow teammate. Kate giggled as she watched him retreat back into his house, two houses down from hers. .
             Sam walked through the door, greeted his parents, sat down and read the paper with a cup of coffee. This was his reliable routine for every afternoon of his mediocre life. But this afternoon after browsing the front page, Sam jumped up and complained that, "the stupid newspaper printed the same stories everyday, and that he wanted some change in his rigorously structured lifestyle and stormed upstairs to his room.

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