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Kyles Life

             Issues that we wish to express upon about include attendance, academic performance, the atrium, vandalism and violence. Our school is a place that we should be proud of. As your school council we promise to oversee all matters from your academics to athletics. We want to encourage students to be actively involved at Mother Teresa, to create a closer community relationship within the school.
             Attendance is very important to a student's performance at school. We want all our students to try their best to be in class on time. We do understand that everyone tends to be late sometimes so we will not punish you if you a late a few times. However if a student is constantly late for about 15 ties then they will be suspended for a day. If a student constantly skips class they will be suspended for about two days and a phone call will be made home. .
             The atrium we would try to make more lively for the students by playing music, dimming the lights a tad, and any other ideas the student have will be taken into consideration. The atrium is not a place that we consider a problem because it is the center of our school. The atrium is the one place that represents the very foundation of Mother Teresa Secondary Catholic School. .
             The vandalism in this school has gone down over the past few years and we are proud of our school. There really isn't that much of a problem because, the cameras are all over the halls so if a student does something they will get caught. They need cameras in the gym also to help prevent theft. And if you ever get into fights please take them off school property or better yet try to solve them in a civilized manner.
             Our party has a slogan, "For many people strength". We stand for many things, freedom, equality and happiness. We care about the student's opinions to make the school and school community better. We try to make school more comfortable and fun to accommodate the student and help them learn better.

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