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Justice & Judgment in the Laws of Hammurabi & Moses

            Justice and judgment, two very strong issues that hold deep and difficult .
             understanding when it comes to the justice system in both the world today and back to the .
             beginnings of civilization. Justice and judgment both stem from the birth and structure of .
             lawmaking which has been dated back all the way to the creation of Adam when God .
             gives Adam his first command (Gen. 2:16-17) of not eating from the tree of knowledge . .
             One very important question that still holds in today's society is that of, "has justice been .
             served", well, how exactly can anyone tell if justice has been served or not depending, on .
             which view or standpoint you are relating to? This paper's purpose is to discuss the .
             differences between the practices of the Law of Hammurabi and the Law of Moses using .
             both present and ancient civilization references.
             Judging something or to be judged, of which a Judge does in a court, or in .
             previous times an act that was carried out by other lawmakers within the city, is the act of .
             gathering the information provided to make a judgment for or against something. This .
             judgment, in turn, is to provide the proper punishment for the crime committed. Justice is .
             using moral principles or using fairness when providing a sentence or punishment for the .
             crime committed. Justice, however is the actual law that is carried out for the crime. .
             There is much debate when it comes to justice being served because many people have .
             different beliefs on how the laws and punishments for crimes should be handled. .
             The establishment of laws have been dated back several years however, the .
             Babylonians were the first to actually reorganize a legal system, be it by the rulings of .
             Gods or men. One of Babylons" rulers, King Hammurabi, made it clear that although he .
             was not the first to establish law or legal practices, his laws showed traces of where .
             previous laws existed. The Code did not merely embody contemporary custom nor .

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