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Was the revolutionary war justifiable?

            Was the Revolutionary War Justifiable?.
             In the early years of American development, the colonists worked hard to establish a system of government where they could enjoy the freedom of self-command. When Britain decided to tamper with that system, they risked not only offending the colonists, but also losing a valuable part of their country. Although the colonists held much unfounded bitterness toward Britain, they were still justified in fighting a war to break from England because of political, social, and economic tribulations.
             During the early years of America's development, the colonies experienced a period of what is known as "benign neglect." Receiving little or no guidance from England, the young new country was left to rule and govern itself, with little and often no interference from the crown. Being so used to the freedom of self-government made it very difficult for Americans to accept interference when Britain attempted to become more active in the government of their American colonies. Even with the presence of royal officials in America few of the governors were able men, which allowed the colonial assemblies to assert their own authority on taxes, appointments and laws. Early on, the colonists mostly chose to ignore England's attempts at control, but when Britain denied them actual representation in Parliament, the colonists could stand for no more. Boycotts and protests sprung up throughout the colonies, and riots occurred in many major cities when the English government began imposing unfair taxes on the already exasperated citizens. In the context of Document two, excerpts from "The Declaration of Independence," the colonist's views are plainly summed up when it states, "The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all aimed at the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States." With the threat of tyranny hanging over their heads, it is more than acceptable that the colonists would not go down without a fight.

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