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Colorado vs. Maine

             Colorado and Maine are two completely different states however, they contain many similarities. From forms of entertainment, to driving conditions these are just few of the things that make Colorado and Maine stand out on there own. However, weather is one of the biggest differences between the two states, because lately it's hard to imagine Colorado having four feet of snow.
             Colorado vs. Maine.
             Housing is a big issue in Colorado. It seems as though the size of the backyards get smaller and the houses seem to be getting more expensive. There is little to no privacy as you try to lead a nice life. It seems as though your neighbors know everything about you, from when you are home to when you are not. If you are having a cookout in the backyard, they can even probably tell you what you are cooking. Let alone hear you have a heated discussion with your loved one. The backyards are so small you could barely fit a swing set out there let alone enough room for the dogs to run around and have fun.
             Then there is housing in the state of Maine that would make everyone wonder what is going on. Let alone that the housing styles may be different from the east coast to the west coast but that is not the only thing that differs. The backyards seems to go on for miles and if you are a lucky one you might have a vegetable garden out back where your growing things to can for the winter. You might also have cows, geese, horses, and other animals that would live there for you to take care of. The neighbors can not hear a thing; they don't know what is going on in your backyard, or how many people you have over. They are usually a walk down the street or separated by a bunch of trees. .
             Another difference between Maine and Colorado would be driving. Here in Colorado we have four lane roads, two to go north and two to go south with a middle lane to use to make left hand turns. Sometimes more if you consider Academy, Union, and Powers.

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