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Anthony of Julius Ceasar

             A well-written play by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, shows a .
             After the death of his leader and friend, .
             Caesar, Anthony turns into a very vengeful person. Caesar held Anthony in high .
             esteem and trusted him, as he did love Caesar himself. If it were not for Julius .
             Caesar he would not have become the person he was. .
             Julius Caesar loved Anthony. Caesar wanted Anthony to touch his barren wife .
             in hopes that he would bring her luck. It was thought that a runner who won .
             during the games could free the " curse " of sterility. After Anthony had ran in the .
             race and won he offered Caesar his crown of olive leave as a symbol of loyalty and, to .
             a large extent, how much he wanted Caesar to be king. As he offered the crown .
             again and again, thee times, the crowd around them cheered with excitement and .
             love for great Caesar. As they were leaving the festivities a soothsayer said to Caesar, .
             "Beware the ides of March." Caesar really did not give much consideration to what the .
             soothsayer had said. Off they went to the Caesar house. It was there that Caesar .
             confides in Anthony his suspicion of Cassius. .
             On the ides of March Anthony enters in to the Senate prepared for the .
             glorious day of Caesar's crowing. To his surprise he arrives to the gruesome sight of .
             Caesar's assignation. He first asks the conspirators to kill him now if the intended to while .
             the blood of Caesar is still hot on the swords. Yet they did not intend on killing him, at .
             that time. Outraged, horrified, and yet reluctant to say so he sakes the hand of each .
             conspirator. In doing so Anthony makes a mental note of each and every one of the .
             conspirators that he will kill to avenge Caesar death.
             Anthony wanted a proper burial for Caesar. He is given one by the .
             conspirators with the agreement he would not blame them. In the beginning of his .
             memorial service speech this agreement was in place but by the middle the .
             conspirators had left and he was free to say what he pleased.

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