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Baby X

             In the article "X: A Fabulous Child's Story," the author Lois Gould gives the readers a dilemma of how a child growing up in society will develop over time. Now, this isn't any ordinary child, this is Baby X. We have no clue if Baby X was born a boy or a girl, so we really don't know if he"ll become a man, or if she"ll turn into a woman? With no one sided gender preference, we have to keep asking ourselves one question, "What will become of Baby X?".
             There are so many factors that can be weighed to determine the sex of a child in "real life," but in the "Baby X World" we really can't tell. Every step has been taken by the scientists to make sure that their experiment will go along without a hitch. The tests that were administered to find the perfect parents, all 23 billion dollars and 72 cents that had to be spent to make the project go through, and all the research that had to be done to ensure that nothing was left to chance as to the gender of Baby X. But finally after everything was sorted out and things were put into place, the scientists had the setup just as they wanted it. Now in reality there is no way that any of this would have occurred, and there is no practical use for the kind of data that would come out of this experiment, but this is a made up world so none of that matters.
             Now trouble stated when the Jones brought Baby X home, and things didn't get easier as time went on. As Baby X got older, it would soon learn to latch on to certain qualities that one gender might be associated with, so The Jones had to make sure no one activity was favored over the other. From cooking to sports, and building to tea time, Baby X did it all. The Jones also had to pay special attention to what they did with Baby X and what they told it. If one of them spent too much time with it or told it "boy things" or "girl things," it might swing towards that gender, so there was always a constant shifting of overseeing Baby X.

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