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Essay on Florence Nightinggale

             In Lytton Strachey's essay on Florence Nightingale, he portrays her as a strong and vigilant woman, one that knew what she wanted from the beginning and made her way towards it. He wrote about her amazing willpower and her struggle to take a hold of her life.
             Throughout the essay, Strachey uses various examples to portray Nightingale's determination. One example is when she secretly read and absorbed reports on medical conditions and sanitary authorities to further her education of places she wanted to work, such as hospitals. Three years later she reached that goal by becoming superintendent at a charitable nursing home.
             Many of the sentences that can be found in this essay could be seen as medium, this is because none of the sentences are extremely short, or extraordinarily long. Also they can be seen as declarative, this is due to the way they are set up. Most of them state something about Miss Nightingale's life.
             The essay opens with Strachey explaining the "legendary" Florence Nightingale. Whether a ghost or being, he paints a mysterious picture of her in the intro. He uses a metaphor to explain how hard she worked. "A demon possessed her. Now demons, whatever else they may be, are full of interest.".
             In the second paragraph, the author follows the beginning of Miss Nightingale's hospitality-giving life. She was very passionate about her giving to others, and Strachey showed this through another well-placed metaphor. "Taking out her diary, she poured into it the agitations of her soul." This describes how much she wanted the country house at Embley turned into a hospital.
             The third paragraph emphasizes how strong Nightingale is. "A weaker spirit would have been overwhelmed by the load of distresses-." But the author goes on to explain how she has held up. His choice of diction proves to fit the story quite well. A lot of them are polysyllabic, formal and euphonious. Ex. "With an amazing persistency- "While superficially she was carrying on the life of a brilliant girl in high society".

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