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Angel in Shakepeares Measure for Measure

            There is evidence that demands a verdict, and none so precise as Angelo to deliver it. Indeed he does, and with so steadfast and draconian a manner, it can almost be described as ruthless. As the audience watches the scene, these thoughts will be uppermost in their minds. Also the defense of Angelo of his sentencing and his refusal to change his mind, his lack of self-knowledge and the cruel inflexibility will beg the question. Is Angelo the perfect judge, or is he inhuman and heartless? Is Isabella right, or is she interfering with justice?.
             The Duke has described Angelo as precise'; one that scarce confesses that his blood flows; or that his appetite is more to bread than stone'. Lucio has echoed these thoughts, calling him one whose blood is snow broth'. This suggestion of inflexibility and lack of self-knowledge surely surfaces as the audience watches this sequence. Angelo sates that the law is a separate entity from the judge, it is the law, not I, condemn your brother; were he my kinsman, brother or my son, It should be thus with him. He must die tomorrow.' The audience thoughts on this are surely in no way flattering to Angelo. His lack of self-knowledge surely is evident. He cannot see that it is the Judge, who administers justice; there is an inextricable link between law and the Judge, who can influence justice. Furthermore, he goes on to add that he would kill his own brother, his own kin. He comes across as inhuman, and heartless. The audience can see the logic in his argument, yet they cannot reconcile themselves to Angelo's very preciseness that turns him into an inhumane monster. .
             This disturbing impression that the audience has of Angelo is however blunted by his rather far-sighted and philosophical argument that the law has to be impartial now in order that future crime will not be committed. [And so in progress to be hatched and born, are now to have no successive degrees, But ere they live, to end.

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