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Amistad: Issues in Constructing Slavery

             The story of Amistad centers on the legal status of Africans caught and brought to America on a Spanish slave ship in 1839. While the issue of slavery was huge during this time period, the trials of Amistad would focus primarily on the legality of slaves and what constituted freedom in the United States for these alleged slaves. The issue of Africans versus African-Americas wold be huge, and just like depicted in the movie, cultural differences between Americans and native Africans would cause great hurtles. .
             As depicted in the movie, in February of 1839, Portuguese slave hunters abducted a large group of Africans from Sierra Leone and shipped them to Havana, Cuba. This abduction violated all of the treaties then in existence. Fifty-three Africans were purchased by two Spanish planters and put aboard the Cuban schooner Amistad for shipment to a Caribbean plantation. On July 1, 1839, the Africans seized the ship, killed the captain and the cook, and ordered the planters to sail to Africa. On August 24, 1839, the Amistad was seized off Long Island, NY, by the U.S. brig Washington. The planters were freed and the Africans were imprisoned in New Haven, CT, on charges of murder. Although the murder charges were dismissed, the Africans remained locked up as the .
             focus of the case turned to salvage claims and property rights. President Van Buren was in favor of extraditing the Africans to Cuba. However, abolitionists in the North opposed extradition and raised money to defend the Africans. Claims to the Africans by the planters, the government of Spain, and the captain of the brig led the case to trial in the Federal District Court in Connecticut. The court ruled that the case fell within Federal jurisdiction and that the claims to the Africans as property were not legitimate because they were illegally held as slaves.

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