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The semiotics of Amelie

             Amelie is a french story about a girl who falls in love while trying to do good things for the people close to her. It is also the perfect movie to analyze semiotically. One of the best examples is the way the director portrays sounds in the movie. Every movement has a sound to go along with it. The sounds are natural signs because they directly relate to what they represent. Sometimes movies lack sound, and concentrate on dialect but not in Amelie. From the very beginning to the end the director seems to have concentrated on the sounds an object makes. There are however some arbitrary signs, some sounds have no intrinsic relation to their meaning. An example is during the beginning credits of the film young Amelie cups her hands over her ears and moves them back and forth from her ears and a sound accompanies this movement. It helps draw attention from the audience to what is going on in the film. .
             As the film introduces each character it zooms on his/her face and then goes on to tell his/her likes and dislikes. Each like or dislike is played by a story to help explain the character's characteristics. Each like or dislike is told by using external, and Internal evaluations. One example is the boy who collected all the marbles in his pocket. The External is when the movie suddenly goes into slow motion and you hear his pocket rip as all the marbles fall out. .
             To get rid of the gold fish the mother dumps it out in the river. As amelie over looks the river and her goldfish the water is clear but as the story fades away it begins to rain and droplets on the water cause the goldfish to disappear. .
             After Amelie's mother dies the story jumps from when she was a young girl to when she is all grown up. To do this effectively the movie first shows Amelie looking out the window and then scales down to a garden that is spacial with it's surroundings . Here the seasons are shown to represent time passing by.

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