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             Auden's poem "[Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone]" is .
             perhaps one of the best poems that describes a person's love for .
             his or her spouse. The emotions evoked in the poem are emotions .
             that people have felt at least once in a lifetime. It is these .
             emotions that lead the reader towards the central theme of .
             mourning the death of a loved one and wanting the people of the .
             world to stop what they are doing in order to help mourn the .
             passing. By using different aspects of interpretation, mainly the .
             use of language and prosody, a complete understanding of the .
             sadness and pain suggested in the poem can be observed through the .
             usage of different combinations of words.
Throughout the .
             entire poem Auden uses imagery to express the pain and sorrow the .
             narrator expresses upon losing a loved one. Auden takes common .
             situations of little importance in everyday life and makes them .
             noticeable in the face of death. For example, the narrator wants .
             to "[p]revent the dog from barking with a juicy bone" in line 2. .
             The image of an owner giving a dog a bone is one of many natural .
             responses taken in order to calm or quiet a dog. In terms of the .
             poem, the bone is given to the dog to create a silence that would .
             not have been able to exist if the dog had been barking. The .
             request for silence is continued into the next line when the .
             speaker wants to "[s]ilence the pianos" (line 3). It can be .
             difficult to stop all the pianos in the world from playing, so in .
             making this request, the narrator is pleading with the world to .
             remain as quiet as it can. Additionally, the narrator wants to .

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