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            Ellie Smith was born as Eleanor Georgina Larsen in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on October 22, 1986. She was the only child of John and Lis Larsen. She lived in Canada till she was 3 years of age, when her and parents moved to Florida. Shortly after moving to Florida, her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. After a 3 year battle, she beat the disease and decided to go back to college. So Ellie spent most of her childhood with her father. When she was 5 she started kindergarten at Rosewood Elementary. She went there all the way through till 5th grade. She then went to Gifford middle school. That's where she found her love theatre. She took a beginners drama class, and continued to take theatre all through high school. Ellie went to high school at Vero Beach High. She attended 9-11th grade there, and her senior year she attend IRCC as a full time duel enrollment student. .
             When Ellie was 17, she met Kyle Smith for the first time. He was a student at Michigan State and had come to Florida for a vacation. They quickly hit it off and stayed in close contact for many years. He would send her flowers and cards, and she would send him her latest poems and stories. They formed a very close friendship. During Ellie's sophomore year of college, Kyle moved to Florida to finish his studies. They moved in together immediately. .
             Shortly afterwards, Ellie was awarded a internship on a touring version of Jesus Christ Superstar, and only saw Kyle a few times a year. He would fly out to see her at many of her stops along the tour, and she tried to fly home as much as possible. They were often seen together at openings of shows and award ceremonies. Her first works were published when she was in high school, but she was most well-known for her screenplays. She wrote several Broadway shows and co-wrote several movies. She received her first Tony award for her show "Contact: Hot and Heavy" when she was 36.

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