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Hitler's Assignation to Dante's Inferno

            Throughout history, there have been many people whose actions on Earth should have reserved them a place in the worst circles of Hell. A number of them have already appeared in Dante's work, but so many more have entered and left this world since the time when Dante was writing. The worst among them is someone who is so horrible, that even the mere mention of his name brings images of pain and suffering to those who here it. He is Adolph Hitler. He is someone who has committed so many horrible actions in his life that he has earned himself a place among the traitors at the lowest circle of Hell. While some might think that the ninth circle is too harsh of a punishment for Hitler, it is not.
             Starting from the second circle of Hell, one can prove why Hitler belongs frozen in ice among the worst human beings that once lived on Earth. When Hitler would have reached the outskirts of the second circle of Hell, reserved for the lustful, he would have encountered Minos, the monster that assigns souls to their respective circles. Although Minos would have immediately sent Hitler to the ninth circle, it is still helpful to consider why he would have belonged in other circles had his actions in life not been as horrible as they were. When most people think of lust, they think of lust for another person, a romantic type of lusting that usually culminates in getting a person into bed. While Hitler probably lusted after some people throughout his life, his main lust was after power: He wanted to conquer the world in the way that the Romans had two millennia before him. This is evident in the fact that during his rise to power, he was adamant that only a dictatorship could save Germany from the state it was in at the present time. Of course, he meant only himself as a dictator. He used typically tyrannical methods to get into power, including waiting until Germany was at its lowest to gain a following.

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