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Self reliance

            What can society do today to stop conformers? In my opinion, a conformer is someone who agrees with what the crowd thinking. Conforming is a bad habit we all do, but should not. Ralph Waldo Emerson was an amazing author that also agreed with self reliance and no conformity. When will the time come to stop conforming and get what we want and what we believe in?.
             Conformity must stop immediately. Why is it that people have to follow others, why can't they be content with their own opinions? Everyone has a brain to make their own ideas, but everyone wants to do what the "cool" people are doing. If we conform, we won't have a chance to step up and state our own opinions and thoughts. Individuality is taken away from us, and we become someone else when we conform. We might also be listening to people that are less intelligent than we are, and by doing so we might descend to their stupidity rather than realize our own intelligence.
             Ralph Waldo Emerson once said; "To believe your own thoughts, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is a true for all men- that is genius." You might think you are improving through conforming, but in the near future you will realize that you went down the wrong path, and that you have to climb back up the path to reach your personal goals. A famous poet once insinuated that: "If you follow the herd you will step in what they leave behind." .
             Conforming is something that will naturally happen. You have to learn to not blindly follow other people's opinions and think about your own thoughts. What would the world become if everyone agreed with one person's thoughts? It would become a disaster; everyone would be doing actions which they don't agree with because they were jargoned in by the popularity and the majority of the people. Walk your own walk, not someone else's, but yours. Learn to live and love with your own ideas and your own decisions. .

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