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Analyzing sexism

            Men and women are two very distinct creatures. Not only they look different on the outside, they think different inside as well. Because of the two unique ways their brains are programmed to work, their differences further expand, from the ways they speak to ways they listen, from the ways they laugh to the ways they cry, and from the ways they sleep to the ways they eat. Although men and women are quite different, they are created equal by nature. Men are as capable as women to perform secretarial task while women are just as able as men to be chief executive officers of big corporations. Men can take care of babies equally well like any woman does while women can work successfully outside and well support their family financially like all men can. Men and women are all equal, but why does sexism still exist in human society? Shouldn't it stop long ago as all of us, women and men were born equal? Over the years, gender discriminations have lessened, but gender problems still exist. Sexism is a direct product of our mere differences. Because of our differences, we hesitate to trust each other, we misinterpret each other, we are confused about each other to a point where we start to discriminate and hate each other. That is how our differences provoke sexism in our society. In order to end this gender discrimination in the world, we must first learn our differences, understand them, and trust one anther despite of all our natural harmless differences.
             No matter rich or poor, young or old, men and women are born to be free and no one in this whole world by any relations (friendship, marriage, and parenthood) has the right to force, to control, to command any person to do things against his or her free will. According to the teaching of Confucian, there are three "obeys" for women: without a question asks, women are to obey their fathers when they are young; women are to obey their husbands when they marry; women are to obey their sons when they grow old.

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