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The process of individual decision-making

            Mass Communications is one of the most popular college majors in this country, which perhaps reflects a belief in the importance of communications systems in society. The communications system, consisting of radio, television, film, newspapers and magazines, effects how the general public think, how the general public feel, and how individuals make certain decisions upon things. Have you ever taken the time to consider two articles about the same thing? Some may be bias against a group or idea, while others keep a strict, non bias view. We often refer ourselves as we live in an information society; large groups of people receive information and store it. People usually fall into the false conception that the media plays an important role in our lives and influence us in our choices and things we value in life; however, the media can only influence the general public with limited effects throughout the communications system in society.
             The media affects everyone in one way or another. Some affects are strong and some are weak, but it's always there. Nobody can get away from the media; there are too many forms of it hidden in many different disguises. It can come in the form of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, and even ads that are posted on public transportations. However, in Katz and Lazarsfeld's study, the scholars believe that "the way people made up their minds was personal influence" (Katz and Lazarsfeld 32). In Katz and Lazarsfeld's study, the scholars believes that the mass media only effect people in their decision making in certain ways and the mass media does not necessary play such an important role in influencing individual's decision-making as a whole. Mass media sends out influential messages throughout the general communications system such as television, radio, and newspaper etc. but it does not often have the same effects on everyone in general.

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