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             If God could, he would have given everybody the same looks, the same intelligence and the same heart. Although this would be the perfect world, reality is quite different. In the two stories(if that's what you want to call them) Pygmalion and Educating Rita, I saw fewer similarities than contrasts. In the following paragraphs, I will compare and contrast these two plays on the terms of the characters and the ending of both Pygmalion and Educating Rita. .
             First, both plays presented similar characters and different ones but on different terms. A similarity would be that both women are undereducated, dependant and alienated by their family/friends. Eliza was a younger woman who was very dependant on her flowers and showed no sign of family or friends. Susan was also dependent but toward her husband/boyfriend as at the time, she should've had a baby, the man ran the show. Both women are alienated from reality as they both speak the same, strange language and people would give them odd looks. Also, both stories involve people of high station(Higgins and Frank) with the same interest in educating a lower class female. Some differences are how the professors react toward their students. Higgins seemed like an overconfident, wealthy man and he educated Eliza on an "experimental basis" only, there weren't any emotions involved. Meanwhile, Frank seemed to be more relaxed, though often drunk, with attached emotions to his student, Susan. He shows his affection when Susan doesn't come to a tutorial and they meet at Susan's workplace. His choice of words can be summarized by "I like you, I really like you." .
             Second, both plays also ended in a very similar yet different way. They were similar on the terms of education and knowledge. Susan became a very knowledgeable human, and was very well respected as she answered a question to a group of strangers while she was working, late in the story. These strangers had a look of "How does she know this?" Eliza was also very smart at the end of her story and could've gone on to live a civilized life.

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