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Legally blonde

             In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is portrayed as the typical ditzy blonde. She is beautiful, president of her sorority, rich, and has a handsome boyfriend. It seems she has the perfect life. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her because she doesn't fit his idea of a perfect wife. This devastates Elle, yet motivates her to prove to her boyfriend that she is smart. Although Elle is stratified as being the typical blonde with no brains, she found her personal empowerment and created social change. .
             Elle was stratified by everyone as the typical rich, blonde. Warner dumped her because she wasn't smart enough for him and she didn't fit into the right class that he felt his wife should. When she went into a department store the sales lady assumed she was just a rich airhead and she could sale her anything. She soon learned that she was wrong when Elle surprised her by correcting her. When she arrived at Harvard she was suddenly the social outcast. Her professors and other students treated her as if she was a joke. She was called "Malibu Barbie-. This was discouraging to her at times, but she kept up her faith and determination to prove to Warner that she was smart. .
             During the course of her time at Harvard, Elle, found her empowerment. There were times that she was knocked down by others but this motivated her to continue. For example, when she told her parents that she was going to Harvard, they discouraged her. Also, when she went to class her professors didn't take her seriously. Later, when she was working on a trial for one of her professors, she got a big slap in the face when her professor valued her looks over her talents. She was going to give up, but she worked on her trial and learned to trust in herself and her intuition. This empowered her. She started to believe in herself, rather than what others imposed on her. She began to take back her power and make this journey about her, not her boyfriend.

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