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Influence of Slave Trade on Colonies

             During the era of the Atlantic trade, slave importation had become an extremely popular commodity among colonists. Some may argue that slavery was completely debauched and unnecessary. On the contrary, slave trade was still a significant stimulus to the development of the colonies. The middle and the New England colonies were smaller, therefore not so dependent on a superfluous amount of labor. However, the colonists of the South did need the surplus quantity of laborers to mass produce goods and attain great wealth. This influx of slaves in the colonies immensely diversified the population and the opinions of the colonists. Some Americans believed Africans should not be subjugated to slavery and others believed that slavery was the preeminent method to obtaining mass wealth. Even though the Northern colonies were opposed to the exploitation of Africans, the Atlantic slave trade system greatly influenced the structure of the colonies, particularly the South because they were greatly contingent on the frequent importation of slaves and slave labor.
             "By the year of independence, the number of slaves in North America increased to 500,000." (Doc A). The greedy plantation owners of the south constantly sought to acquire greater affluence and riches through trading of raw materials such as cotton, which led to the importation of an increasing amount of slaves. The Southerners turned to Africa for their slave supply because they believed colored folk were insignificant and easy to control. Many were opposed to this depredation on Africa just to produce more cotton because the slaves were treated pieces of property, but the Southerners continued to import slaves by the thousands. .
             Each year, southerners had taken 40,000 to 100,000 slaves were from Africa and forced them to work on their plantations. Many of the slaves were crammed into small crates and most did not survive the trip.

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