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             Growing up with eight brothers and sisters, I did not follow in their footsteps by playing sports. I have always been interested in sports, watching and playing them, but never had a real passion for it. I am more of a traveler at heart, appreciating historical and scenic places that I can experience. When I was a teenager, it seems like my brother wasted every summer watching a professional golf-tournament on television. I remember telling him that I thought golf was very boring. His response to me was "Maybe one day we can go to a tournament together and I will show you why I appreciate the game of golf." Ever since then, I have longed to attend a professional golf tournament with my brother so that I could attest to what he and other golf fanatics are so crazy about. My day would finally come in June of 1999, when I had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Open in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Of course, it would only be appropriate for my brother to accompany me.
             We first took a tour of the village of Pinehurst and then the landscape of the Club itself. Looking around you can't help but notice how Pinehurst couldn't be prettier. How the copper-colored roof of the Carolina Hotel glows so warmly in the evening light. How the Holly Inn, built in 1895, whisks you back to the early days of the century. The course all primed and prepped for the four-day event. It made me want to whip off my socks and shoes and run down the fairway barefoot.
             Pinehurst has been designated as a National Historic Landmark, for its prominence in the development of golf in the United States as an excellent representation of the turn-of-the-century resort community. Pinehurst village has an array of recreational amenities, affordable bridge, concerts, dancing, whist, trapshooting, tennis, and croquet. All amid a natural environment of sandy soil and pine scented air. I noticed that the village itself has something different.

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