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Symbolism: Reality or Imagination

             Short stories provide readers a in depth look into the lives of the characters involved in the plot. Symbolism plays a large role into this perception. As a plot unfolds, the reader is caught up in the story plot leaving them to wonder whether it is reality or imagination. .
             The Lottery is a good example of this perception. Symbolism begins from the beginning to the end. Without the symbolism, the story relates only a handful of characters in mixed up roles. Symbolism promotes a perception in the reader to look deeper into the roles the characters play and often into the life of the author of the story. .
             Symbolism is used by authors to keep the interest of the reader but also to portray their own lives into the story through those characters. The Lottery is one such story. Shirley Jackson had several bouts with mental illness. Characters in the story and bizarre ending reflect on her life and health problems. .
             The Lottery reflected back to her life going back to her childhood. When she was in school, other children began to throw stones at her. When she left the playground, she had gone home and wrote the story of the stoning of Mrs. Hutchinson. Mrs Hutchinson represents Shirley in her younger years and the frustration she felt. .
             Jackson often wrote of evil but under a sort of comedic way. Her use of symbolism to inspire the reader to look deep was unique. If not for this type of writing, Ms Jackson would not have had her stories published. Her twisted way to represent the characters and plot her readers reflected in her stories. .
             Other such authors use the same technique to relate their own lives into their stories. Guy De Mauspant, author of The Necklace, used the same technique. All of his stories reflect the insecurity of himself through his characters. His characters usually reflect self centered egotistical persons. They are usually caught in the moment. .
             Mathilde in The Necklace represents one such person.

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