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No Child Left Behind : Opening the Doors to Education

            No Child Left Behind: Opening Doors to Education.
             An average student spends about ¼ of their time in school receiving an education. During that time the student is given the chance among others to try to achieve their educational best. The problem society faces today is how to use that time to apply the knowledge that is available to all students attending school. Signed by George W. Bush on January 8th, 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act gives our nation's schools a chance at groundbreaking educational reform. This act enables schools for a stronger accountability for results, while giving more flexibility for states and communities towards funding. It also encourages a higher standard for teachers and their qualifications, and offering more choices for the parents of those children enrolled in school. Even with this outlook on education, The No Child Left Behind policy might actually hinder the educational standards in the nation, though, because the features that are brought up seem unattainable. This paper is to show the major advantages that this policy brings, along with the disadvantages, and a short personal analysis in regards to this plan.
             Looking towards the brighter side of this action, this plan has received much support for its goals directed towards a better education. It supports learning in the early years, giving students a head start towards achieving a good education. It also provides parents an up to date progress of each year the student is enrolled in school. This system is to encourage parents to become actively involved in the students achievements throughout their educational experience. Another bright aspect is the fact that teacher qualifications have been heightened and been made top priority. Funding has also been increased, and more and more taxpayer's dollars have been put into the improvement of the programs offered in their child's school.

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