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How SARS is affecting the global economy

            How SARS is affecting the global economy.
             SARS main spread seams to be in the Asian countries, and some minor cases have been reported in USA and Canada. This is because the individuals who were affected with SARS either were on a flight from an Asian country or had contact with individuals that were freshly flown back in their home country. These cases especially those that were carried outside the Asian world to foreign countries have had significant consequences on the world market.
             The SARS virus is not just hurting airline but it has also extended its fist to hotels, business and industries well beyond the walls of china where it was suspected to be contained. In fact companies in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S are feeling the effects of this world wide outbreak.
             Also many countries depend on tourism, especially those countries that are less developed. For example Singapore is down about 28% with its hotel cliental who are largely business clients and tourists and even more at Hong Kong. Products and retail sale have been cut by as much as 50% in these two cities. Also the western side of the world has experienced a fall in its economy. Canadian hotels are showing a sharp decline in domestic and tourism business. World conferences in Canada and Asia are being canceled "affecting an area of local economy that was previously a mainstay of such cities as Hong Kong and Toronto".
             These cancellations have allowed a back drop in retail shops, restaurants, hotels, airlines and cab companies. And it also affects the import export trading of those countries.
             Another casualty that have fallen under the SARS disease are the 700 million Chinese agricultural workers who depend on their jobs in the outer provinces who have to put themselves in danger because they land in rural areas where the disease is unreported and spreading without proper care, they are also risking bringing the SARS virus to those rural areas, without them even knowing it.

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