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Who is the Monster in Frankenstein?

             In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley a creature is created that is seen a monster. But who is the real monster? There are in total three monsters in the novel: The creature, Frankenstein and the society surrounding them as the story develops. .
             The creature that Victor Frankenstein develops is considered a monster by all of the other people. No one is there to notice that there is a soft interior underneath the hard and ugly shell. The creature is scared and provokes fright because of his size and looks. The creature, however, is not really a monster. All it seeks is acceptance into a society. All it wants is love, which it seeks at first from Frankenstein himself, but does not receive it for he is cast away by this man whom he considers his father. He then runs from the hatred in that community and goes into the woods. There he finds a family that he never faces but they become fond of each other, despite the fact that they never meet. When the family does finally see him they also cast him away and again the monster suffers from the pain of rejection. He keeps running from the pain and looks for love in other places, but he never finds any. Though he may be a monster on the outside he is more decent and more caring than the rest of the people that he encounters.
             The second monster in the novel is, in fact, the society. They reject anything that is not like them without inquiring if it is good or evil. The people just shun whatever scares them or that goes against things they know. The society is also what shapes people and in some cases that is what causes the problems. The society shaped out third monster, Victor Frankenstein himself. The education and upbringing of people in the community is what causes them to fear the unknown and to only love what is common in their lives.
             As stated, the last monster is Frankenstein, the creator of the first monster. He is a selfish man who first creates the creature because he himself could not bear the loss of a loved one.

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