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That Eye the Sky -film techniques

             After completing Part 1 of That eye, the sky, what are your impressions of the setting and main characters? How has Winton created these impressions?.
             After Completing Part one of That eye, the sky, Winton has created many impressions of the characters and setting. Winton steadily constructs the context on which the text is based on, creating an Australian Outback setting using colloquialism and Australian icons. Throughout Part one Winton firmly establishes the main characters as he introduces us to Ort, Alice, Tegwyn, Grammar, Fat Cherry and his father. With Ort as our narrator, Winton uses narrative techniques, symbolism, imagery and characterisation all tied in with the setting to create impressions of Ort's persona. Winton founds Ort as being a very observing character, with strong factors of spirituality and connections with the environment. We gather this as it is from Ort's perspective that we learn everything. Winton can use Ort's narration to reveal a lot about the Flack family, the relationships they have and the issues that they face. Winton pains pictures of the landscape and setting using Ort's narration as well as imagery and symbolism. As Winton uses Ort's narration we are left with many images and impressions created by words.
             Winton uses Ort to describe and comment about the setting with the landscape, environment and sky, all having links to Ort's persona. Winton's impressions are important as they represent Ort's world and what is happening around him.
             Winton peppers the setting with colloquialism and Australian icons to give us the impression that the text is set in the Australian outback. Within the first two pages Ort has already mentions Australian icons like the ute' and Burke'n Willis', giving us a firm impression of the Australian setting. Winton continues to establish the Australian outback as Ort plays cricket and comments on the bush turning in the heat.

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