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Effectiveness of the New Deal

             The 1930's distinguished the worst economic depression experienced in American history. Between 13 and 15 million people were unemployed and 20% of New York City school children were underweight and malnourished (cite source), this made it clear that immediate action needed to take place. During the presidential nomination, Governor Franklin Roosevelt said, "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people". The New Deal was a program of relief, recovery and reform aimed to solve economic problems caused by the Great Depression. There are many critics and admires of the New Deal. Though the New Deal was not successful in ending the Great Depression, it permanently changed the relationship amongst government, the economy and individual citizens. The New Deal was a moderately effective program that introduced many different types of social and economic reform.
             The New Deal included many relief agencies such as, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCS), which employed nearly 2.5 million young men. One of the most important relief programs of the New Deal was the Works Progress Administration (WPA) created in 1935. The WPA built or improved more than 2,500 hospitals, 5,900 school buildings and almost 13,000 playgrounds at a cost of some $11 million. The WPA also sponsored the Federal Theater Project, Federal Act Project and Federal Writer's Project providing work for artists. By 1943 the WPA employed 8 million people, but Roosevelt concluded the program when wartime prosperity began to rise.
             Another major success of the New Deal was the Social Security Act which began in August of 1935. Social Security created a system of insurance for the elderly, unemployed and the disabled. Some complained Social Security went against American traditions and the government shouldn't regulate so, but it eventually paved the way for the later expansion of the largest program administered by the government.

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