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Sports History in Early America

            Sport in Colonial America went through many stages and had many faces. For Native Americans, sport was used for religious, medicinal, and gambling purposes. They were able to tap into the recreational, spiritual, and economic value of sports. This is clearly a better perspective on the impact of sports.
             Later in 1618, King James had the right idea when he set the rules and regulations regarding sports played on the Sabbath. In colonial America, the clergy's grasp on the people was much too strong. They were worried about the extra-curricular activities that occur uring and after sport like subsequent drinking and injury. Well duh.that is part of the atmosphere that makes sport so enjoyable. If drinking was the true problem, then prohibition should have be instated. But of course, it wasn't. Leave it to the church to make odd decisions concerning what is the correct way to live. King James noticed this ambiguousness and saw that barring sports bred malice between the people and the church. But lets look at the bright side highlighted in the chapter. Sports serve as exercise. Exercise makes one stronger which in turn allows an individual to perform better at their job. Because most in colonial America were agriculturalist, strength is a plus. Still think drinking is a problem? Lets be honest with ourselves, the selections point out that large scale drunkenness was still a problem, people were just lazy on top of it.
             Unfortunately a good thing never lasts. Restrictive statutes were produced to reverse what was a harmonious surrounding. The Massachusetts Bay area was by far the most regressive group of people. Sport has been claimed to disturb both the preparation for, and execution of Holy ceremonies. Before 1658 as the chapter explains, was a time of close mindedness characterized by an overly forceful church. I am against any statute that serves to restrict sporting activities as the first two selections dictate.

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