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Alcohol and its Danger

            Alcohol is a very dangerous substance. When abused it can lead to fatal injuries, even death. Many people like to use alcohol as a "fun drink", as something to do when you"re over at a friend's party. The truth is, there is nothing fun about alcohol. It does more damage than anything else. Long term and short term effects can be serious when dealing with alcohol. Many car crashes and deaths are a result from alcohol. People think that they can control themselves after they have had just a few beers, but as soon as alcohol enters the body it immediately starts to affect the body. Alcohol is a depressant, so it slows down your central nervous system, causing your reflexes and judgment to become impaired, increasing the risk of a fatal crash.
             Many children are victims of alcohol. Some may have parents, particularly a father who is addicted to alcohol. More than likely, the children have in some point of their lives been abused by one of the alcoholic family members. It is very sad to think about these things that can happen to people, but it does happen. All because of a type of liquid that people insist on taking. There are many more things you could do for enjoyment other than to sit around and drink your life away. Many laws have been passed trying to cut back on the way people use alcohol. Drinking and driving for example, is a major problem that can't be controlled. If you are caught drinking and driving, you must suffer the penalties. Although they should be harsher, as they stand as of right now, it wouldn't be a wise idea to drink and drive, especially when you get caught. Officers will not cut any slack when it comes to alcohol and driving.
             Addiction is a hard problem to deal with. Many people who are addicted to alcohol won't admit that they are addicted. They will steal from many of their close friends and family just to buy a small amount of alcohol. Eventually, their tolerance increases and they have to take more and more alcohol in order to feel the "buzz".

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