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Nelson Mandela

             Although South Africa represents only four percent of the continent's land and six percent of its population, it is one of the richest and most highly developed countries in Africa. Also, its medical facilities are the best in the world. .
             Unfortunately, it is not known for any of these things. Primarily it is known for its government policies towards the black African majority. South Africa's whites, numbering five million, rule the country, even though they represent only fourteen percent of the population. Africa's twenty-eight million blacks have no political power and no representation in government.
             Black South Africans have been enslaved, exploited, oppressed, tortured, and killed by the white South African government for over a hundred years.
             Today, South Africa has become known as the home of the world's most famous political prisoner. This is his story and the story of his country. .
             African Boyhood .
             Rolihlahla was his tribal name, and he was born on July 18, 1918.In Xhosa, the language that his parents spoke, his name means "one who brings trouble on himself." He grew up in a valley surrounded by grass-covered hills. His village, Qunu, was located in the Tranksei territory of South Africa. .
             After the death of his father, who was the chief counselor to the Paramount Chief of their tribe, he was sent to live with his uncle. Understandably, when he first arrived at his new village he became secluded. But as time passed, he grew more comfortable and he and his cousin, Justice, became inseparable. .
             After receiving a good education at local boarding schools, Rolihlahla enrolled at Fort Hare College, one of the few universities in South Africa that allowed full-time black students. He studied hard there, but it wasn't long before he became involved in politics. He joined the Students" Representative Council, which was organizing a protest against the living conditions at the university.

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