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Town meetings

             "What touches all should be decided by all." This is a recurring theme in Michael Walzer's article "Town meetings and Workers" Control," in which he believes that decisions should reflect the views of everyone that it affects. "Much of what is considered "private" life in liberal societies ought to be subject to public control." He argues that democracy requires workers control of firms. Walzer's main argument states, that for any authoritative decision that seriously affects others, there should be a subset of those affected, who should be able to authorize the decision, make the decision or approve it. The people who makeup the division should be those who are in that association, which make the decision possible or necessary. To explicate his argument, Walzer explains how a process of decision making by officials can have a dramatic outcome that can result in affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Further explaining, Walzer invents a story about a man who owns property and creates a land of opportunity. This story describes how a town unites to make a decision that affects the whole town. In addition, Walzer describes how economics and politics should be treated as two separate entities. .
             "What is the source of authority?" According to Walzer, although disagreeing, authority is derived from the ownership of the organizations by particular persons. This outlook comes from a capitalist organization. This means that the participants are the subjects with no input, whereas the officials hold all the authority. All their claims to govern and formulate decisions rest on the legal and the moral implications of private property. However, this did not last long as Socialist argued that ownership should be exempt from certain decision-making that the political community as a whole should do. Now, views are comprised of a society rather than individuals with power.

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